food composite


Deviled Eggs  v
pickled eggs, red onion, Crystal mayo  4.5

Pork Rinds
black eyed pea salsa  5.5

Popcorn Style Cauliflower Bites  v
parmesan, parsley, Crystal mayo  7.5

Pimiento Cheese Plate  v
house pickles, rustic bread  8

Smoked Whole Wings
choose mustard, vinegar or tomato BBQ sauce rustic bread, house pickles  11


Carolina Cobb
iceberg, house bacon, cheddar, pickled egg, green onion, buttermilk herb dressing  11
add pork, chicken or both  5

House Greens  v
cucumber, pickled onions, breadcrumbs, choice of lemon vinaigrette or buttermilk herb dressing  7.5
add pork, chicken or both  5

Smoked Salmon Salad
house smoked salmon, pickled egg, cucumber, black eyed pea salsa, apple cider vinaigrette  15


Mac n’ Cheese  v
fried onions  11.5

Carolina Red Rice
smoked pork, shrimp, rice, savory tomato sauce  15

Hoppin John
black-eyed peas, white rice, sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic  13
vegan upon request

Shrimp & Grits
house bacon, cheddar grits, savory tomato broth  15.5

Bowl Additions:
Smoked Beef Brisket  6.5
Pulled Pork  5
Smoked Salmon  6
Pulled Chicken  5
Fried Egg* 2


Includes choice of two sides

Pulled Pork  15

Smoked Beef Brisket (while it lasts)  19

Pulled Chicken  16


Includes house potato chips and house pickle spear
Substitute a side instead of chips  3

Interstate Burger*
choice of pimiento cheese, cheddar or swiss, shredded lettuce, white onion, pickles, tomato aioli, brioche  13
add house bacon  2

6-hour smoked pastrami, swiss, sweet & sour cabbage, roasted tomato aioli, rustic rye  12.5

choice of pulled chicken or pork, house slaw, brioche  11
add cheddar 1

Beyond Meat Burger  v
plant based patty, shredded lettuce, pickled onion, tomato aioli, pickles, brioche  11


Collard Greens  6

Grits  v  4

Mac n’ Cheese  v  4

Hoppin John  4

Slaw 3

Chips v•  2.5


Banana Pudding v
whipped cream  6

Chocolate Brownie
vanilla ice cream, candied pecans  7

Kiddo Plates

Mac n’ Cheese v   4

Burger & Chips   7
add cheddar 1

Pulled Pork Slider & Chips  6

Grilled Cheese & Chips v  5

Peanut Butter and Jelly & Chips 4

House Potato Chips 2

v = vegetarian     v•=vegan

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