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March 2018

Portland Dining Month

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dining month


Enjoy three courses for 33.00 throughout the month of March! Try our southern inspired menu and make sure to let your friends know about it by using #DinePDX. See y’all soon!

~choose one~

Deviled Eggs
fresh horseradish, spicy pork rind, celery leaf

Cheese & Crackers v
pimiento cheese, fried saltines

House Greens
cucumber, pickled onions, breadcrumbs, choice of dressing

~choose one~

Smoked Chicken Pot Pie
onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, spring peas, buttery crust

Gumbo v•
spring vegetables, okra, smoked mushrooms, grilled scallions, tomato filé broth, rice

pork & beef meatloaf, housemade ketchup, collard greens, grits

~choose one~

Peach Cobbler v
whipped cream

Chocolate Brownie v
pecan syrup, crushed pecans, whipped cream

v = vegetarian v•=vegan